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Billions of dollars are spent online each year for products and services. The bulk of these transactions are uneventful, but there’s no guarantee when you purchase from an unknown vendor. Buying and selling online is far from risk-free.

What if there was a way to leverage your network and exchange products and services with those you already know (or the people your friends and family members know)? Now there is with the My Circle app. Here are three reasons to utilize the business posts on the app today.

1. It connects you with others in your network

Any user can create a business-post in the My Circle app to share with those in their network. You can create a post in one of several categories: real estate, services, electronics, furniture, cars & bikes, recommend products or services, or sell anything.

In the business posts sections, you’ll be able to see all the posts that your circle has made as well as any posts you have published. For example, if you wanted to sell a bedside table, you could list it in the “Furniture” category with information about your location, the price, and any relevant details about the piece. This section opens up a marketplace between you and those you already know.

2. It prevents cyber threats

Do you ever worry if your transactions are secure? Today, online payments are protected by technology like SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular system scans. However, you can never be too safe with your information. Online transactions are still at risk for defaults of the product/service or delivery of the product/service, risk of impersonation, fraudulent business practices, data storage and transmission risk, and so much more.

If you want to avoid working with unknown parties, your circle is the perfect place to start when looking for a product or service. Because you already know the people in your contacts (or have a mutual who recommends them), you can feel more confident about the security of your transaction. There won’t be any personal details or money lost.

3. It gives you access to both products and services

Social media platforms have all come out with marketplaces in recent years. Instagram is a popular social media site for businesses who hope to get sales of their product(s). Facebook offers a whole marketplace for those in your area that want to sell new and used products. Businesses also use pages to advertise their products and services.

However, there’s one thing these social apps don’t have that My Circle has addressed. While they attempt to connect businesses with people on their platforms, they never directly connect networks or friend lists to see what products and services they can offer each other. With business posts in the My Circle app, you can create and view posts specifically for products and services. This means you can find everything from the furniture you want to buy to a doctor you want to see.

The most common services posted include handymen, AC repair technicians, doctors, lawyers, babysitters, etc. If you need something done around your house or in your personal life, consider someone who is already in your network. You can build out your existing relationship with them instead of starting from scratch.

You can also use the app to recommend any of these service people to your circle. If you had a great experience with you

Final Thoughts

Are you interested in learning more about the My Circle app? Visit here for more information or download it today on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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Updated: May 18, 2022

In business, your network is one of your greatest assets. Here are some statistics that illustrate how critical it is to continually maintain connections and check in with your network, especially when you’re looking to hire, sell, converse, or establish a new business relationship.

85 percent of positions are filled through networking

95 percent of professionals consider face-to-face communications vital for long-term business

70 percent of people found a job through connections in a company

If you’re not leveraging your network, here’s how you can use your mutual contacts to benefit your business with just a few clicks on the MyCircle App.

What Is a Mutual Contact?

A “mutual contact” is a term that refers to a person that you and another individual have in common. Simply put, it’s a label that helps designate that you share friends with someone else.

MyCircle and Mutual Contacts

My Circle combines communication and business in one app. It allows you to see and find a mutual person between you and anyone in your contacts. It also permits you to group your contacts and message them as necessary.

To find a mutual contact, all you have to do is search for a phone number and the app will let you know if any phone contacts are mutual contacts with that number.

Here are a few ways you can maximize the mutual contacts features and communication as a business.

1. Close a deal

The internet is littered with online shopping and eCommerce scams. While nearly everyone does their shopping online these days, it can be difficult to feel confident. Giving your money to an unknown individual or small business via the web or an app is downright nerve-wracking for most.

Most people turn to relatively simple methods to make sure they won’t get scammed. They scrutinize the URL, look for a trust seal, check reviews, or ask around for personal experiences. Knowing that a friend, acquaintance, or family member has legitimate experience helps them feel self-assured in their choice.

The MyCircle App can help you find mutual friends and acquaintances in your phone contacts who share experiences with a buyer or seller of a good or product. If you’re a buyer, you can reach out to a mutual to get a first-hand account. If you’re a seller, you can let the buyer know that you have had a mutual contact and let them know you have a positive experience working together previously.

On both sides, this can help you confidently close a deal and jumpstart your business.

2. Get social proof

Social proof — the idea that someone can be persuaded into trying a product or service simply because they’ve seen a positive review or read an expert quote — is so powerful. As consumers, we use it every single day. In fact, 92 percent of people use reviews to guide most of their ordinary purchases. Although the internet can be helpful for this, it’s often beneficial to be able to ask questions or seek first-hand advice from someone we know.

This is where MyCircle comes in. If you have the phone number for a repairman, catering service, social media marketer, or another individual or business you want to partner with, you can help you get connected with someone who has used their services before. It provides access to social proof and positive (or negative) experiences that can ensure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

See an example of social proof with MyCircle Testimonials here.

3. Establish a relationship

Building new and authentic relationships in business is often the key to successful growth, but it can be so difficult to create them. Good business relationships and networking often rely on what friendships do — shared interests.

The best way to start conversations with new people is to identify what you have in common. For most people, this could be mutual connections, favorite sports teams, similar ideologies, hometowns, universities, favorite foods, etc.

An app like MyCircle is an amazing way to identify some of the things that you have in common with a potential business partner before you’ve even met like mutual friends. If you know that someone in your network knows them, you’ll also be able to ask questions and request feedback. If your friend or acquaintance provides positive feedback, then you can proceed more confidently and even use that connection to build a relationship.

4. Evoke interesting conversation

Having a mutual friend provides a little bit of a cheat code. When you’ve been able to touch base with a friend about a stranger that you hope to connect with, you’re able to gain a bit more context for an upcoming conversation. You can find out about their interests and use that information to conduct a more stimulating and thought-provoking conversation.

Being someone that a stranger will remember is a great way to jumpstart your business! Read more on this topic with Seven Ways to Make Yourself More Memorable.

Final Thoughts

See how you combine all your communication and business needs in a single app. Visit here to learn more about MyCircle.

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