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3 Reasons to Create Business Posts with the My Circle App

Billions of dollars are spent online each year for products and services. The bulk of these transactions are uneventful, but there’s no guarantee when you purchase from an unknown vendor. Buying and selling online is far from risk-free.

What if there was a way to leverage your network and exchange products and services with those you already know (or the people your friends and family members know)? Now there is with the My Circle app. Here are three reasons to utilize the business posts on the app today.

1. It connects you with others in your network

Any user can create a business-post in the My Circle app to share with those in their network. You can create a post in one of several categories: real estate, services, electronics, furniture, cars & bikes, recommend products or services, or sell anything.

In the business posts sections, you’ll be able to see all the posts that your circle has made as well as any posts you have published. For example, if you wanted to sell a bedside table, you could list it in the “Furniture” category with information about your location, the price, and any relevant details about the piece. This section opens up a marketplace between you and those you already know.

2. It prevents cyber threats

Do you ever worry if your transactions are secure? Today, online payments are protected by technology like SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular system scans. However, you can never be too safe with your information. Online transactions are still at risk for defaults of the product/service or delivery of the product/service, risk of impersonation, fraudulent business practices, data storage and transmission risk, and so much more.

If you want to avoid working with unknown parties, your circle is the perfect place to start when looking for a product or service. Because you already know the people in your contacts (or have a mutual who recommends them), you can feel more confident about the security of your transaction. There won’t be any personal details or money lost.

3. It gives you access to both products and services

Social media platforms have all come out with marketplaces in recent years. Instagram is a popular social media site for businesses who hope to get sales of their product(s). Facebook offers a whole marketplace for those in your area that want to sell new and used products. Businesses also use pages to advertise their products and services.

However, there’s one thing these social apps don’t have that My Circle has addressed. While they attempt to connect businesses with people on their platforms, they never directly connect networks or friend lists to see what products and services they can offer each other. With business posts in the My Circle app, you can create and view posts specifically for products and services. This means you can find everything from the furniture you want to buy to a doctor you want to see.

The most common services posted include handymen, AC repair technicians, doctors, lawyers, babysitters, etc. If you need something done around your house or in your personal life, consider someone who is already in your network. You can build out your existing relationship with them instead of starting from scratch.

You can also use the app to recommend any of these service people to your circle. If you had a great experience with you

Final Thoughts

Are you interested in learning more about the My Circle app? Visit here for more information or download it today on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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